• American Steel Inc.

Built to Last

American Steel has installed over 250,000 carports, buildings, garages, workshops, barns, and more over the last 20+ years. 

They brought ClickGiant on to help build a content strategy, a new website with 3-d builder and manage monthly blogs and SEO.

Blog Power

An example of a CG style, traffic and authority-building blog in action! We create content that ranks well, builds quality traffic to the site and ultimately builds authority that trickles up to the most important pages helping them rank well for the types of searches that can change your business. Searches like “Steel Carports” searched 6,600 times a month, which it just so happens, American Steel is now #1 for!! 

Dash Don’t Lie

Below is a screenshot of ClickGiant’s live ranking dashboard, which clients use to gauge the success of their SEO campaigns. 

Orange: Best ranking overall.  Green: Searches with Intent. Blue: Authority building content. Bing Bang Boom.

Build It and They Will Come

Organic Traffic up 200%, Pageviews up 83%, Time on site up 96%, Bounce rate down 57%!!! 

“ClickGiant has been on top of their game optimizing our site and making it much more user-friendly. We didn’t have to be experts in SEO because they took care of everything.”

– Vivian Ramos, Director Marketing