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Jantzi Test Prep has a 98% success rate for test score improvements. ClickGiant has a 100% success rate in website design improvements. Jantzi works to wisen students up, improve test scores and get them into college so mom can sleep at night. Our mission was to get moms to sign them up for classes.

Kid Tested, Mother Approved

Kids: we’re not asking you to buy into test prep classes. We’re asking you to buy into the good life! Higher learning, football games, toga parties, the Porsche your dad promised if you graduate college. Moms: we know what you want too. Your little ones will have a fighting chance out there and make a happy life.

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If you want to get into a “top school” it’s all about SAT and ACT results. If you want to be a “top online marketer” it’s all about SEO results. ClickGiant got an A+ on web design, content creation and on-page SEO. The results are posted for all to see.

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“I’ve been very impressed by the immediate results that Jantzi Test Prep has seen in our web rankings and traffic since hiring ClickGiant. They have done everything they promised and more!”

– Tim Jantzi, Founder & CEO, M.Ed