KSA likes to say they are not just in the business of selling insurance but dedicated to providing peace of mind. ClickGiant is also in the business of proving peace of mind as it relates to the online presence of your brand. 

KSA wasn’t in the map section at all let alone #1 when we started the project and that march to the top wasn’t as easy as changing title tags and waiting. Those days are long gone. We had to build the content, word by word, insurance product by insurance product. Get specific, get rankings, traffic, authority and direct that authority to the top keywords.


KSA is all about making sure high-value homeowners have adequate coverage so they can sleep at night. Much like with business in general, focusing on niche areas is a critical part of successful organic SEO projects. 

If you want visitors and Google to buy into the fact that you’re the best option, it takes more than listing the service as one of many bullet points. ClickGiant helps build and optimize your content so you can win with Google and potential customers.


Charleston, South Carolina is known for its nightlife and great restaurants. According to OpenTable – 4,388 restaurants. KSA wanted to make sure that when these restaurateurs went looking for coverage they would be in position to help. In a perfect world KSA could sit down at a candlelit dinner downtown with the owners of the establishment, break bread and talk insurance. A close second though is to be #1 when they go looking for options, capisce? 


In addition to the fabulous restaurants, Charleston is also known for its brushes with Hurricanes yearly. It’s geography, it’s a fact of life and it’s not getting better, it’s getting worse. Every hurricane season, homeowners wonder and worry about what could happen to their home and whether they have enough coverage in case the worst happened. If they decide it’s time to do more than wonder… KSA is in position to help. 


Once someone visits KSA’s site, we can follow them all over the internet with our message for free! We don’t pay for impressions, only clicks, and they can be as low as 30 cents each. Google Remarketing is a super valuable tool that is underutilized by so many advertisers.

“SEO rankings have increased and continue to do so. The team’s experience & reliability have exceeded expectations. They’re always available via email or phone calls.”

– John Foreman, CEO