• TBC Corp

The Midas Touch

TBC Corp tapped ClickGiant to help with a special content strategy for their client Midas who had recently expanded into the tire category. It was simple, they needed optimized content for more than 780 product pages and they needed it in 12 weeks. 

We grabbed a few of our best writers and told them we needed to burn rubber on this one. We laid out a strategy, a delivery timetable and got to work.

Where the rubber meets the road

Just under 800 product pages in 12 weeks is roughly 65 a week but we didn’t want to move too hastily lest we spin our tires out of the gate. We needed to set some standards, to build out a template and a tone for these product descriptions. We wanted to make sure they were completely unique, served the user and included keywords and tags that would help both on-site and organic searches.

Kids… don’t try this at home. ClickGiant hired a trained professional to perform donuts in our parking lot to celebrate finishing the project in just 12 weeks!

“The project moved along beautifully and I was able to focus on other things. I would hire them again in a heartbeat.”

– Gretchen Skalka, Director Creative Services