Who Wears the Fine Men’s Dress Pants in this Family?

We started working with Berle over 7 years ago but I remember the research phase of the project very well because of the daunting statistics and overwhelming amount of competition that was fighting for a position online.

They told me kind of matter-of-factly, “We want to rank well online for ‘mens pants’.” So, I’m researching it and seeing 50,000 searches a month, and already on page 1, brands like Macy’s, Nordstrom, JC Penny’s, Gap, JCrew, and Amazon.

So, okay, alright, it’s going to be a challenge (rub hands together, roll up sleeves). Let’s look under the hood of this Berle website and see what we’re working with. I said, these #’s can’t be right, I must have the wrong analytics report, this says 267 visits last month. They said, “No, that sounds about right. We’ve yet to make a sale on this site.” Well maybe we can get backlinks from the hundreds of stores Berle is sold in? “Noooo, they said, we don’t want them to know we’re competing with them online.”

So…… no traffic, no links, no authority.

I said “Gentleman, how do you feel about “fine men’s dress pants”, “men’s pleated khaki pants”, “men’s poplin pants”?

Cuts, Pleats & Hems Oh My

And so the battle for longtail keywords began. We took a crash course in every nuance of the quality materials and styles of cuts, hems, and pleats that Berle was famous for. It was a lot of work and some long days writing about Houndstooth, Gaberdine and double reverse pleat pants, but in the end…it was worth it.

Blogify: The Art of Blogging on Shopify

We ended up designing a new Shopify site and loading it up with our fresh longtail laden content and continued to post quality blogs related to fine men’s clothing. Before long, Berle was ranking pretty well for these terms that were delivering 20 or 30 visits a month each. But they were the building blocks of quality traffic, a better domain authority, and ultimately getting ranked at the top of page 1 for some pretty decent terms. 

Berle Breakthrough

Today, the monthly visits to the site are somewhere in the vicinity of 2,000% higher than when we started, sales are in the 6 figures and now we get to redesign the site and start all over again! But in all seriousness, it’s been a great ride and at the risk of sounding sappy…it’s why we do what we do. Having the opportunity to help an incredible brand like Berle break through online and see these kind of results is really incredible and humbling.

“We fully trust their CEO because he does his job and is willing to go above and beyond for his clients.”

–  Shane Morris, VP Sales