• VINTAGE 1946

Brick & Mortar to Click & Order

Vintage 1946 clothing is sold in over 100 retail stores, but it had no online store. ClickGiant got to introduce the brand to the online world! The client was interested in product image zoom capabilities, social networking & sharing features, and a seamless checkout processes that would communicate with their custom inventory software.

Mustangs & Madras

Classic American Apparel is how we define Vintage 1946 clothing. Think Bradley Cooper in Wedding Crashers… preppy but cool, smart but tough, plaid but rough. Okay, maybe not “rough”. Snappers, Chinos, Twill and more. Shop today at Vintage 1946’s new online Store!

Google Likes Vintage

After on-page SEO and a few thousand words of unique content, we were in the game. Vintage 1946 now ranks on page one for over 50 keyword phrases related to their apparel lines. We don’t guarantee #1’s, but we’ll show you a few: “sahara twill shorts”“vintage seersucker shorts”“military twill pants”“vintage khakis” and more.

Online Sales Up 162% Over Previous Period

It’s been a few years since launch, and sales have continued to improve. ClickGiant created a powerful combo: increase quality traffic with incredible organic keyword rankings and optimize UX design with a new Shopify website. This one-two punch has led to record sales online that just won’t quit! Vintage has sold more clothing online in the last 90 days than all of last year.

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“With their strategic campaigns, we’ve seen significant increases in our search term rankings. We value their goal-oriented mentality and ability to produce results.”

– Shane Morris, VP Sales